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Reviews of our patients who had undergone surgery in our hospital.

Patient Reviews

Reviews of our patients who had undergone surgery in our hospital.

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Hair Surgery Turkey

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All types of plastic surgery operations (including hair transplant) are performed in our fully equipped hospitals with the latest technology, alongside with high class service.

What is Hair Transplantaion?

When the question ”what is hair transplantation” comes up, the process of a hair root transplant comes to mind. It is the application of grafts taken from the area of the body that can be used as a donor to people who have problems with rarity, reduction of hair follicles, and baldness in the head area to the point where it is necessary to intervene. Hair loss is a problem that can occur as a result of physiological and biological factors that can often occur nowadays. The material and spiritual problems presented by the conditions of our days can cause a person to be affected spiritually and to have different reactions in the body psychologically. The most common reaction is hair loss.

If there is a period when stress increases and problems are difficult to solve, one will likely face hair loss. However, this hair loss is not always caused by stress. Genetic factors i.e. the heredity condition can accelerate hair loss. The age factor also plays a role here. Especially after the age of 50, hair thinning and rapid hair loss can be experienced. Hair transplantation procedures have become quite modern with today’s technology, and with high-tech devices, a hair structure with healthy hair follicles can be obtained. With each passing year, the techniques are becoming more varied and the techniques applied by Europe have started to be used by doctors in Turkey. Over time, each technique used here manifests itself in methods that will prevent any pain and suffering during a hair follicle transplant performed.

In addition, it has become possible to further reduce the rarity in the area of application and to inject more robust hair follicles in a shorter period. And of course, the use of beneficial pen tips in this process and the transfer process is of great importance. There are several stages performed in hair transplantation. These stages are carried out according to the type of transplant selected by the person.

How Is Hair Transplant Done?

How hair transplant is done How hair transplant is done is an interesting topic. Before starting the hair transplantation procedure, an examination of the hair follicles of the person who will be undergoing the procedure is performed. The most suitable and robust root structure that can be used in this area is determined. It will be used as a graft and then a successful operation will be performed with the desired application technique.

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Hair transplantation methods have different contents from each other and contain techniques that the doctor will apply according to the person’s request. With each passing year, there has been advancement and improvement in hair transplant techniques. Does a hair transplant hurt? is a question asked very often? The development of less painful and painless techniques has also allowed us to do a faster and higher quality job. Before starting hair transplant methods, a process is carried out gradually.

Stages of hair transplantation of hair follicles to the desired area will take place after preliminary preparation. The most commonly used technique in hair transplant methods is the DHI hair technique. This technique has allowed the appearance of the different implementation stages. The hair follicles collected from the area designated as the donor are processed one by one to be applied into the area with a professional pen called an implant. The most important difference in the technique in the placement process is whether or not the area to be applied needs to be shaved. Before starting to apply hair transplantation procedures, the area to be applied equally has to be scraped and cleaned of different hair. Whereas this technique does not require such a procedure. Not only its advantage is being preferred too much, but it is also one of the reasons it is done faster and easier. It is a technique that can be done in one stage and gives fast results, unlike normal hair transplant methods. It can be applied directly to the hair, it does not require a different and gradual process.

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI hair transplantation technique is widely applied in turkey hair clinics. Unlike fue, dhi hair transplant surgery can be explained as a method that is performed as the transplantation of hair follicles taken from the donor area without opening a channel with the implanter to the area to be transplanted. The Implanter/Choi needle, which has a very thin, cylindrical, and sharp structure, is shaped like a channel and the hair is rubbed through this channel and inserted into the needle.
FUE Hair Transplant

FUE method in the best hair transplant clinic in turkey is one of the most used methods by hair transplantation specialists. Hair transplant specialists primarily perform hair analysis of patients who apply for hair transplantation. Thus, the structure and quality of the hair, the intensity of the shedding, the quality of the hair follicles in the donor area where the hair will be removed are determined. Later, if it is decided that the patient is suitable for the FUE method, which is the abbreviated form of Follicular Unit Extraction, the procedure is started. At the same time, a hairline replacement can be achieved with this process.

Afro Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey hair transplant surgery is a tested and approved hair restoration method to permanently restore hair growth and increase the patient’s self-confidence. Patients with hair loss of African or Caribbean origin can benefit from hair transplant surgery to regain their youthful appearance and natural hair. Our African American hair transplant surgeons in Turkey know the common challenges faced by Black patients suffering from hair loss – therefore, they specifically design the appropriate hair transplant techniques to ensure the unique characteristics of afro hair in an Afro hair transplant.

Preparation for the Hair Transplant Operation

To get the desired results from the hair transplant operation, certain preparations need to be made prior to and after the operation. It consists of certain stages before this process, which is conducted under the supervision of a doctor, as the process progresses, and at the end of the process. This will also allow you to allocate a certain amount of time to the chosen technique. In the process of preparing for the hair transplant operation to be performed, it is determined whether the patient is suitable for the technique to be applied. As a precautionary measure, certain tests are performed here. The methods of hair transplantation differ between men and women.

This will require a preliminary stage of preparation since there is a different state of structuring. In the preliminary interviews, the person is informed in detail about the preparation before the process, such as determining the area where the hair transplant will be performed, the duration of the technique to be applied to the area, the degree of success, and what should be done after the procedure. Giving the necessary information to the patient will be important to get more healthy and efficient results in the process.

At the planning stage of hair transplant surgery, it is also determined how many sessions the technique to be applied for the subject will consist. This is because if a process is selected that can take several months, it will be necessary to give up certain foods, environments, and daily routines when the process is being implemented and completed. Adopting a different standard of living for a while is not easy for everyone. Before this, the doctor’s information will be important for the hair to adjust easier to the hair roots and to achieve a good result after hair planting, with the process completed in less time.

The Best Hair Transplant Doctors in Turkey

Most of the patients who are thinking of having hair transplantation are doing research on ‘the best hair surgeon in turkey’. The best hair transplant doctors in Turkey are located in quality hair centers. These centers are usually widely known and certified. Erdem Clinic is among the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

How Many Years Does Hair Transplant Last?

After the hair transplant operation is performed the issue most inquired about is for how many years will the hair transplant results last. Hair follicles taken as donors from the nape area are processed with different techniques to be applied to the receiving area. The most important factor in the long-lasting use of hair is to ensure that the hair is taken from that area. Of course, at this stage, different reasons will also allow you to maintain the hair for many more years. Especially the technique used before the operation, the graft structure during the operation application is among the issues that affect the healthier life of the person receiving the transaction after the operation. Is hair transplant permanent? High success is achieved in the field. To get a higher efficacy from the hair transplanted into the receiving area to be applied, special care should be applied regularly. This will prevent the risk of hair loss. Hair transplant success rate The known robust and durable process result is close to 90%. In this term, the results last for a lifetime, but physical conditions, stress, and anxiety in a person’s daily life and the influence of genetic factors can shorten this period.

Observation of hair formation in hair transplant operations follows certain stages. As long as these stages continue consistently, the desired natural hair will be obtained at the end of about 1 year. After the operation is performed, scabs will begin to form on the area where the application is performed with the help of special surgical micro-tip devices.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost?

With the development of technology, it has become easier to achieve faster and more efficient results in hair transplant techniques. Problems that arise when making applications hair October prices the technique used to determine it is of great importance. The number of specialist doctors operating, the degree of specialization, the technological devices used during the hair transplant technique, and the methods used to prevent the feeling of short or persistent pain For example, when applying the anesthesia, the number of grafts that will be added to the area is among the elements that are considered in deciding the price.

Turkey hair transplant package cost: The cost of hair transplant in Turkey vary depending on different reasons. These reasons include the experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure in general, the techniques used and the quality of the center. For this reason, we recommend that you do not prefer hair centers that work at prices below the standards.

Applied Techniques FUT Technique with FUE Technique, DHI Technique, Painless Hair Transplant Technique, Robotic Hair Transplant Technique, and Sapphire Hair Transplant Technique. Each different technique used can cause a change in prices due to the quality of the devices. There cannot be a clear price and cost for the process. To clarify this, by coming to the clinic and making a preliminary appointment, the area to be treated should be examined by a specialist doctor and accurate pricing information should be revealed.

Turkey is one of the developed and preferred countries for hair transplantation. What also makes it a more desirable destination, is the fact that we are located in a country with the best hair transplant centers. The area where the hair transplant will be performed undergoes a preliminary examination. When the problem of baldness has reached an advanced level, or the hair may have started to fall out at certain points,

the area detection will be done, and then the general 1 graft number to be used in this field is determined. Sometimes the method that will be used may not be suitable for the person’s structure and the description in the hair area. One of the methods that can be preferred during hair transplant is to make the area applicable without shaving completely and without scraping. This is also applied only with different techniques. This situation is also related to the fact that the scalp responds positively to this procedure to be applied. This, in turn, may cause differences in prices. In the transactions made hair transplant reviews shows positive results. When all the procedures are completed, it may also be the case to carry out care applications at different times to be treated with special medications and solutions. This is also a situation that affects the cost.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplant

Things to consider after a hair transplant to achieve healthy results, it will be necessary to follow the recommendations given in the interviews with the doctor. Its application can be made more efficient by taking certain measures before and after the process. The 3 days after the hair transplant procedure are quite important. The operation performed here will begin to show scabs, fully clinging to the application area.

When the procedures are completed, it is important not to wet the head area and to keep it away from chemical products.

It is important to drink plenty of water and be able to continue sports activities.

Carbonated and caffeinated drinks should be avoided.

It is necessary to protect the head area and take precautions against external impacts.

The lying position should be changed differently than usual, the pillow should not come into contact with the treated area.

The hair should not be affected by weather conditions. It is necessary to protect the head area from the sun, rain, and wind.

After the procedure is performed, the occurrence of pain in the scalp for a certain period can be observed. This is considered natural. It is a situation related to the applied technique. The process can be maintained in a healthier way by taking the medications recommended by the doctor. About 2 weeks after the hair transplant procedure is performed, you can start keeping up with your everyday routin. Although risky situations continue, a new process is introduced in terms of being more active.

Any chemical formation on the scalp should not be tried, no dying, or it is necessary not to touch the structure of the hair so as not to damage the existing hair formation. It is important that it does not receive any blows from the outside, as the hair follicles will not fully stick on to the desired area. It is wrong to apply pressure on this area with the help of a towel when washing the hair. The scabs seen are quite natural. It should be expected that the process will be completed without meddling with this process. After a while in the process, these scabs will begin to fall off.

How Much Is 1 Graft of Hair?

1 hair graft each of them, taken from the appropriate donor area, is called a hair root. During the application, each graft is applied in accordance with a certain fee. In order to achieve the desired result from hair transplant procedures, it is necessary to apply the graft application using the correct and healthy methods. People who want to make a determination on the prices of the hair transplant operation that will be performed can get a general quote in terms of the amount of graft. The word graft literally means hair follicle. There are approximately 2-3 usable hair strands in the graft taken from the appropriate donor area. To put it more precisely, 3000 grafts refer to approximately 6000 to 9000 different hair follicles.

A clear determination of the number of grafts that will be used in a hair transplant operation varies depending on the region where the operation is performed. The person who determines this is the attending physician who will perform the operation. A full evaluation can only be achieved by conducting a preliminary interview. Determining the graft areas is also related to the rate at which a person has these intact hair follicles. In some people who will have a hair transplant operation, the desired amount of graft may not be obtained. In particular, grafts taken from the region behind the ear, the root of the nape will allow you to determine the amount in the area where the application will be performed. If there is a sufficient amount of graft in the area that will be the donor, only the procedure can be performed in a healthy way.

What Does 1 Graft Mean?

The word refers to a structure taken from the donor area for the scalp as its meaning. 1 graft there are different numbers of hair follicles in it. During hair transplantation, while grafting is performed, different amounts of hair follicles are processed in the area to be applied. The graft is selected from intact hair follicles on the person’s body and taken. This area is called the donor area. The areas that will be used as donors is usually the nape root or the back of the ear. Grafts are a living structure during hair transplant. It is carefully taken from the donor area before being placed in the receiving area to be applied. Before the insertion procedure is performed, the hair follicles are separated from each other and stored in a sterile area. Then, whichever technique is selected to be applied, the addition of grafts in this direction is started. Grafts are very sensitive. Therefore, each of these operations must be performed by a specialist.

They will react more quickly in the applied area due to their being alive. It is necessary to take care that no harm comes to it and it does not turn into a dead cell. Each tissue taken from the donor area to the receiving area where the hair transplant procedure will be performed is called a graft. When performing graft application, it must be removed from the body of the person to whom the treatment will be performed. A person’s diet reveals genetic factors, the quality of the amount of graft in the hair follicles. Although some grafts may have at least two hair follicles, sometimes this number can reach four hair follicles.

Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic

A hair transplant operation in Turkey is successfully performed. Because the doctors in the hair center of turkey are quite experienced. In hair transplantation procedures performed by an experienced doctor, patients obtain positive results to a great extent.

The Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Most of the patients who are thinking of having hair transplantation are researching the subject of ‘hair transplant turkey best clinic’ on the internet. In order to find the best hair clinic in Turkey for you, you need to have detailed information about the clinics.

Erdem Clinic is one of the best reputable hair transplant facilities in Turkey. The clinic provides the latest medical techniques and technologies, from sapphire FUE to needleless anesthesia.